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Miscellaneous: WF - R - Business English - Faculty Law -RPP Group 2 - Schnackenberg Montags 14:15 - 15:45 Online in BBB - Details
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General information

Subtitle Pflichtsprachkurs
Semester SS 2021
Current number of participants 17
maximum number of participants 22
Home institute Sprachenzentrum
participating institutes Recht - Brunswick European Law School (BELS)
Courses type Miscellaneous in category Teaching
Next date Mon , 17.05.2021 14:15 - 15:45
Type/Form Sprachkurs
Participants This is the Business English Course for 1st Semester students in RFS Group 1 (Faculty of Law).
Learning organization This course will take place every week in BBB.

Please obtain a copy of the book:
Ashford, Stephanie, and Tom Smith, Business Proficiency. Wirtschaftsenglisch für Hochschule und Beruf. (Stuttgart: Klett-Verlag). We will be using the NEW version (2017)There are copies in the library.
A syllabus of which units of the book we will be studying will be uploaded to StudIP under 'Dateien' - along with other worksheets used in class..
Performance record To be decided

Course location / Course dates

n.a Monday: 14:15 - 15:45, weekly


Business English for the Faculty of Law is a compulsory language course for all students of the following degree programmes: RFS starting in Semester 1 and RPP and WR in semester 2.
The course deals with the main business English topics and vocabulary : Company Organisation, Money and Payment, Finance and Loans, Economics, Describing Statistics plus some basic grammar.
The course is at B2 Level.

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